Phentermine weight loss drug has been available at U.S. pharmacies since 1959. Phentermine is the first drug, which received the FDA approval for short-term obesity treatment. Usually, this weight loss drug is prescribed for 12 weeks.

It is necessary to carry out monthly monitoring of patient’s health, during the pharmacotherapy. Sometimes, to make sure that a person loses weight at a healthy pace, and does not experience Phentermine side effects, such monitoring can be carried out once every two weeks, or even weekly.

In most cases, if weight is reduced without side effects, then patient gets an additional prescription for Phentermine after a period of time. It is recommended to make a 3-month break after 12 weeks of Phentermine pills therapy. Then, if necessary, your doctor may prescribe you Phentermine for the next 12-weeks course of obesity treatment.

Phentermine is sold by prescription only, because it is classified as a substance, having a structure, similar to amphetamine. Phentermine, like amphetamine, affects the central nervous system and increases alertness and energy levels, reducing hunger and food cravings.12 weeks after starting Phentermine drug therapy, a reduction of drug’s therapeutic action may appear in some patients. Reducing of Phentermine action is called tolerance development. Further use of Phentermine pills will not lead to significant weight loss.

Phentermine dependence syndrome increases the risk of side effects (increased blood pressure, tachycardia, chest pain) and overdose. Due to the increased risk of side effects, which weight loss drug Phentermine can cause, it is important to limit the intake of these diet pills.

It must be emphasized, that Phentermine is indicated, as an additional weight loss drug to obese people. Phentermine is prescribed for appetite suppression, on a short-term basis. Phentermine pharmacotherapy should not last more, than 3 months.

Diet pills Phentermine are prescribed to help a patient form correct eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, during anti-obesity therapy. Given that Phentermine helps changing your lifestyle, it should be expected that weight reduction will be maintained, after Phentermine prescription ends.

To achieve weight loss without diet pills, it is necessary to make healthy dieting and exercise become an integral part of an obese person’s life. It is important that balanced diet and active lifestyle cause no emotional dissatisfaction, or become a burden.

Phentermine pills in short courses will help creating a balanced program, which will promote further weight reduction and maintaining without Phentermine. It is important to give patient’s organism a break from Phentermine. This will help prevent withdrawal symptoms and tolerance.

In addition, taking a break from weight loss pills Phentermine will not put pressure on the body. When you have a break from Phentermine, doctor may also do a monthly health monitoring. This will determine weight loss without Phentermine and the need for further diet pills use.

If patient records weight gain after canceling Phentermine, it is necessary to consult a doctor. After a monitoring, doctor will prescribe a new prescription for Phentermine. In some cases, people, who can not control their appetite during the break from Phentermine, may be recommended nutritional supplements, which suppress appetite.

Nutritional supplements, which can be a Phentermine alternative, can be purchased without a prescription. You should consult with your doctor or pharmacist before buying nutritional supplements.