Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is a group of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. CVD is one of the most common causes of disability and mortality all over the world. According to experts’ estimates, up to 18 million of people die of CVD every year.

One of the most important tasks of health service is to increase population awareness about the health risks of CVD. It is noteworthy that the global epidemic of CVD progresses in developing countries and decreases in economically developed countries.

Scientists have established that the growth of CVD is associated with some features of a modern person’s lifestyle:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Overeating

Knowing which risk factors promote the CVD development, a person can timely prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies. Almost every person suffering from obesity has the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. Weight loss helps stop the progression of these diseases and improve the person’s health. For fast weight loss, different appetite suppressants can be used, they are sold at pharmacies with or without prescription. The most prescribed RX anti-obesity drug is Phentermine.

This drug helps achieve a significant weight loss already in the first weeks of obesity treatment. In regular use of Phentermine, a feeling of hunger disappears and a person starts to consume less high-calorie and fatty food. Rapid weight loss helps to improve blood pressure control.

Exclusion of fatty food from the daily diet helps to reduce blood cholesterol level and the risk of clot formation as well.
Just a few weeks after the start of Phentermine use:

  • Blood circulation in the body is improved
  • Load on the heart and blood vessels decreases

Phentermine does not only help lose weight quickly, but also reduce the risk of:myocardial infarction essential hypertension coronary insufficiency vascular thrombosisobliterating endarteritis cerebral aneurysms atheromatosis of the aorta and large arteries

Phentermine is a prescription medication. Therefore, patients with CVD should not change on their own the dosing regimen of this drug. Blood pressure may significantly rise, and heart rate may quicken in patients with CVD after the increase of Phentermine daily dose. The same symptoms may occur also in people who take Phentermine before, during, or immediately after alcohol use.

Before you start using Phentermine, it is necessary to inform your doctor about not only presence or absence of cardiovascular pathologies, but also about:

  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy or convulsions
  • Thyroid problems
  • Anxiety or depressive disorder

If you are already taking Phentermine and you experience cardiovascular side effects, make sure to tell your doctor about this fact. If you want to buy Phentermine online but have never taken this anorexigenic drug before, consult a pharmacist.