Phentermine is a prescription drug, administered to people who have problems with body weight. This weight loss medication ensures a good appetite suppressant effect during the whole period of anti-obesity therapy. It is common knowledge that obesity contributes to many dysfunctions, including infertility.

Now, cheap Phentermine diet pills provide a significant weight loss, meaning it gives chances to have a child for those, who suffered from infertility due to overweight.

According to statistical data, about 34% of overweight women and less than 18% of obese men suffer from infertility, associated with obesity. Lots of obese women have problems with their menstrual cycle, therefore cannot conceive a baby. Moreover, extra weight may weaken the effect of infertility treatments.

Phentermine anti-obesity drug has been on pharmaceutical market for a long time, so it made a good showing in the treatment of different obesity types. The worst type is abdominal obesity, which can be defeated by Phentermine as well.

Abdominal obesity is actually the main reason why women cannot conceive, because fat is accumulated inside the body, surrounding important organs and the reproductive system. Excessive amount of fat tissue can provoke the production of high quantity of estrogen (a female hormone).

Scientists have found out that aromatization of androgen in obese patients increases the amount of estrogens in the blood. Therefore, the higher the fat tissue levels in the body, the higher the amount of estrogens.

When estrogens are too high, they hinder the normal feedback process in the human body.

The effect of Phentermine is not only the weight loss, but also an indirect normalization of hormonal level. As a result of fat loss in the women’s body, estrogen levels become normal again and this prevents the formation of hyperplasia and infertility.

Not only excessive estrogen leads to tissue hyperplasia, but also the resistance of the body to insulin. Normally, insulin and estrogens participate in proliferative activity of endometrium. However, if estrogens level is high, insulin begins acting like a growing factor contributing to hyperplasia (sometimes causing cancer).

Weight loss by means of Phentermine diet pills restores a normal insulin resistance. Phentermine drug helps in a way to enhance the effect of fertility therapy. In vitro fertilization gives more chances in this case, because obesity provokes changes in the mucosa of the uterus.

But if you lose weight, it becomes normal again, so egg implantation is possible.

For obese and overweight women, menstrual irregularities are quite normal. These include amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea. Moreover, many overweight women may suffer from PCOS, abortion, complications during pregnancy, etc.

Because Phentermine helps to lose weight within a short period of time, these disorders can disappear after the treatment.

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