The product reviews can be found all over the internet. When searching for reviews and results, you should be careful to find sites which aren’t affiliated with the sale of any prescription drugs, which post real reviews from real users.

Keep in mind that anyone can post a review, which means it is possible to see websites with overwhelmingly positive reviews when it is not the case in reality.

Phentermine 37.5mg / Adipex-P is a powerful, and often effective drug, but the value in looking at reviews and reading about others’ weight loss results is in seeing what sort of unintended effects people are experiencing. There’s also the concern that many patients will regain their weight after finishing taking the drug.

Reading about others’ weight loss experiences can help you decide how to make healthy changes to your lifestyle, eating, and exercise habits so that you can better avoid the pit falls such weight loss strategy.

You’ll also hear about how this product affects your every day life, something that may not be obvious from reading simple descriptions of the drug.

Adipex-P vs. Phentermine 37.5mg – Will Results be Different?

Comparing Adipex vs Phentermine is like comparing Tylenol and Acetaminophen, the former being a brand-name (in this case generic), and the latter is the active ingredient and the amount per pill. It’s extremely likely that any differences noted between the two are purely in the mind of the reviewer.

If not, it’s just as likely that the reviewer was receiving their order from a less than reputable source and as a result may have received counterfeit pills. Unfortunately, many people end up purchasing the drug illegally from online pharmacies located somewhere in the 3rd world countries, which can result in the person receiving fake pills.

Those who do so are putting themselves at serious health as well as legal risks.

While comparison reviews that talk about potency differences between various brand names of phentermine do not make sense, there are times when reviews of dosage and delivery differences between brands that do make some sense.

For example, some brand name products offer an extended release capsule intended to replace two smaller doses of active ingredient. It delivers the same HCL amount, but more slowly over the course of the day. Some people prefer this, while others prefer the traditional capsules or tablet.

Where to buy online?

This drug can be legally and safely purchased at pharmacies, once you’ve received a prescription from a doctor that has personally examined you. Be extremely wary of any seller that offers this drug without a prescription, or those that claim to provide an online consultation to provide you with a prescription. These methods are not legal ways to purchase controlled substances, and could lead to jailed term or fined up to a quarter of a million USD when caught.

In addition to being dangerous in the legal sense, it can also be dangerous to your health because you might receive something that isn’t the real product at all, even though it looks like it. Assuming they’ll send you genuine prescription product, it could still be a costly mistake.

And, if you do receive it, you’re still taking extremely serious risks with your health because of the dangers of using this product without having your doctor monitor the effects and dosage.