The Phentermine works best when taken for a short period of time together with a well planned diet and a regular exercise regime. This appetite suppressant can generate some amazing results if used in the correct procedure following the advices of the doctors. Consulting a doctor is a must before starting to use phentermine.

The dosage suggested by the doctor must be strictly followed. Generally the doctors provide prescriptions suggesting small doses of Phentermine. One of the major concerns associated with phentermine i.e. the side effects can be easily avoided by following the short term use of this medicinal drug.

The pill continues to work properly till the sixth week. After that the body becomes immune to the medicine and thus phentermine yields some adverse side effects. So, long term use of phentermine is never recommended by the doctors.

Working Procedure of Phentermine

The main function of phentermine i.e. weight loss is performed by the suppressing the appetite of individuals. The loss in appetite is caused by altering the levels of the neurotransmitters or the brain chemicals. This results in the change of mood and eventually decreases the appetite.

It also initiates an acceleration process in the metabolic rate of the human body, i.e. the rate of burning calories. This drug is the best option for those people who fail to control their urges of eating.

How Does the Weight Loss Occur?

The weight loss caused by Phentermine varies from person to person, depending upon the duration for which the medicine is taken.

A survey on phentermine reveals that having 15-30mg phentermine capsules on a daily basis for two to twenty four weeks can cause weight loss of 1-13lb in average. But to achieve such remarkable result an inclusion of proper diet and regular exercising is a must along with the intake of Phentermine.

What are Side Effects of Phentermine?

In spite of being so useful in reducing weight the working procedure of phentermine includes some very unpleasant side effects. The side effects occur particularly in case of long term use of this medicine. Some major behavioral changes occur due to effects made on the central nervous system.

A person gets erratic due to the alterations made in the neurotransmitters of the brain. The effects of phentermine decrease with time as the human body becomes immune to the medicine. Majority of the people taking Phentermine try to increase the dosage in such conditions.

This can bring some disastrous effects and can be fatal too.

The withdrawal symptoms caused by regular intake of Phentermine are also included in the working procedure of this medicine. The intake of this medicinal drug should not be stopped suddenly. The quitting procedure of Phentermine should also be decided by consulting with a physician.

This will help to avoid the withdrawal symptoms.