Why and when would doctors prescribe Phentermine or Adipex-P with 30mg and not 37.5mg? Believe it or not, for some people 7.5mg of active HCL ingredient makes a huge difference on their weight loss success.

Generally the reason why physicians prescribe the lower dose is because some individual requires smaller amount of the active HCL to prevent overdose and addiction. Sometimes doctors want to test and start an individual on 15mg and then gradually increase the dose to 30 and then 37.5mg if needed.

Some people feel mild side effects when taking 37.5mg and lowering dose can potentially reduce the risk of more severe side effects. Some patients may have pre-existing health conditions which would make the lower dosage more preferable.

What are the Products Containing Phentermine 30mg?

The best product that contains 30mg of Hydrocloride is Adipex-P. It is produced by a major pharmaceutical company in the United States and is sold at every pharmacy. Most of the 30mg version is available in capsule form only. When you look at the capsule, you will see that there are little blue specks inside which is the real Hydrocloride, active ingredient.

There are also generic versions of the drug, which are white tablets with blue specks. Both capsules and tablets forms come in 30mg dosage of the active ingredient, and it does not matter if you buy generic or brand name, you will get the same weight loss effects.

Is it Possible to Buy Phentermine 30mg Without Prescription Online?

No, you cannot buy this product or any prescription drugs online without a prescription. If you see someone selling prescription drugs online without a prescription, there are two causes for alarm. First, they are trying to steal your identity and use your credit card number to buy anything they desire and second, they are simply selling placebo pills, by purposely misspelling the name and misleading you into thinking that you are buying the real prescription product without prescription.

There is simply no way you can buy the real drug online.

What are the Alternatives?

There are plenty of online products claiming to offer similar weight loss results as real prescription drugs. First of all, not every nonprescription product can offer the desired effect. Any herbal weight loss pills are simply a placebo.

There is not a single miracle herb that can help you suppress appetite and give you energy to become active the way prescription diet pills do. There have been some herbal products such as green coffee extract, Garcinia Cambogia or Raspberry Ketones advertised by Dr. Oz that claim to achieve magical results.

Well the truth is that nobody knows if they really work or not. Not every laboratory producing these products test for potency or effectiveness or their product. According to the law, supplement manufacturers are not obligated to disclose the potency of certain components or the amount of milligrams they used per tablet.

Some pills are designed so weak that you will feel absolutely nothing. The only known working nonprescription product for weight loss is called PhenObestin 37.5.

This nonprescription supplement is created using so-called Nutraceuticals. It is similar to pharmaceuticals ingredients, but only qualified as supplements because the ingredients are derived from components found in food.

The pill is designed to work like its prescription counter parts by suppressing the individual’s appetite while giving him/her energy through out the day. PharmaCo labs – producer of PhenObestin 37.5 guarantees the effectiveness of the product by using maximum amount of potent components allowed by US laws per pill.

This product is by far the most effective diet pill on the market today!